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Dog, Illustration book, 10 pages, Gray scale




Feeder by Akira & Makoto is exhibited in NUMUteca from February to April 2015.

Opening Reception / Saturday February 21, 2:00 PM
NuMu becomes a public reading hub with access to a diverse selection of printed materials, some for reading on site and others up for grabs.

The act of transforming NuMu into a library seeks to:

open new ways of conviviality amongst people/

promote sharing economies/

generate dialogue, critical thinking and reflection at any given time and on any given day/

develop a more intimate relationship with the physical structure of the Museum.

Thanks to the generosity of several people and spaces, la biblio gathers a collection of printed materials* which, in its majority, have been purposefully created to be read, downloaded and/or distributed freely. Varying in disciplines and themes, the collection includes posters, manifestos, books, anthologies, comics, fanzines, and newspapers.

With special interest in increasing the diversity of the available selection, and so as to acquire a public character, we invite everyone to contribute with new materials throughout the duration of the project. Feel free to send us downloadable documents in pdf format to our e-mail address: hola@elnuevomuseo.org

In collaboration with:

Adriana Lara http://www.perrosnegros.info/

Ariela Nathusius

Beta Local www.betalocal.org

Carlos Motta www.carlosmotta.com

Desert Island Comics http://desertislandcomics.tumblr.com/

Editorial Alias www.alias.com

Makoto y Akira Ikezoe www.akiraikezoe.com

Megan Snowe www.megansnowe.com

Pablo León de la Barra www.centrefortheaestheticrevolution.org

Tania Bruguera www.taniabruguera.com

Traviesa www.mastraviesa.com