Primitive Future

Primitive Future is my ongoing sculpture series which is cohesively related to my painting series Future Primitive.

These sculptures are created by assembling together abandoned objects that I found in Harlem, NY, where I’m currently living. I see those found objects as fragments of the local culture that have been exposed to weathering and have lost their original functions. My aim was to create plant-like shapes by extracting elements, that look organic, out of them and re-assembling them. Then, by presenting them as a group of sculptures, I attempt to create a space in which we can’t recognize a clear borderline between human made and nature.

The idea for these sculptures came from my experience of growing up in my hometown, a suburb in the small city Kochi, Japan, in the 90’s when the Japanese economy collapsed. Many local businesses were closed and empty houses and vacant lots were popping up. I was surrounded by many things that seemed to be melting into the surrounding nature, such as abandoned cars, rusty playground equipment and postponed construction sites. They looked like fusions between human activity and the surrounding nature. Both Future Primitive and Primitive Future aim at recreating this environment that gives us difficulty in drawing boundaries between human territory and the surrounding nature.

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1) Primitive Future 1, 2017, 16x8x8 inch, mixed media
2) Primitive Future 2, 2017, 47x8x7 inch, mixed media
3) Primitive Future 3, 2017, 29x7x8 inch, mixed media
4) Primitive Future 4, 2017, 32x20x25 inch, mixed media
5) Primitive Future 5, 2017, 16x8x13 inch, mixed media
6) Primitive Future 6, 2017, 42x11x2 inch, mixed media
7) Primitive Future 7, 2017, 63x11x11 inch, mixed media
8) Primitive Future 8, 2017, 47x11x7 inch, mixed media
9) Primitive Future 9, 2017, 57x24x24 inch, mixed media